Monday, October 18, 2010

Wine Country - A Perfect Complement to Museums In...

"I explored with my heart by cheering my flesh even with wine" - Ecclesiastes 2:3

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Indeed, who doesn't like wine? The problem is finding one that elicits that type of response in ourselves.

"But this is a museum blog", you say. "What's it got to do with wine?"

As many of you know, some museums have wine tasting events or wine is served at special unveilings of exhibits. But where do you go if you want a good wine? Wouldn't you like to go straight to the source to satisfy your palate? That's where Wine Country comes in.

Most of us have our favorite wine. We may even enjoy wines from regions not even in the U.S. But how many are aware of the wonderful choices available locally? Wine Country seeks to bring these local wineries closer to your heart.

The first thing you'll see when you open this Android app is a simple interface displaying Wine Regions, Events and Pairing. The purpose is to present you with things you most likely will use frequently.

Let take a look at them one at a time.

Select Region

Notice that you are presented with all the wine regions in the state without transferring you to a different screen like most Android apps. This is so you can easily navigate. And works the same with the Wine Pairing button (which we will discuss momentarily).

After making a selection, you're presented with a list of the wineries in that region with a subtle animation just to add some polish. The list is presented in alphabetical order. Simply select the one that appeals to you. After you do this, the fun really starts.

Each item presents the name of the winery, the address (physical and email), the website, phone number and hours of operation. Where every Wine Country app differs from most is that once you reach this screen, you have 1-touch access to all pertinent information. This means when you touch the physical address, Google Navigation (or whatever you've decided upon as your default navigation app) is automatically opened with the destination already populated. All you have to do is get in the car and drive.

The same is true when touching the phone number. Your dialer opens with the number pre-populated. Just hit Send and you're talking to your winery.

Wine Pairing

You've made the journey. You've tasted the wines. You've picked your favorites. What do you pair with your new bottle of wine? Some of you are very good at marrying wines with food. Others not so much. But don't fret. Wine Country has you covered.

On the right side of the page you're presented with the wine pairing list. From here it's simple. Just select the wine you plan to drink and a list will appear to help you easily pair.

No need to do a lot of reading. Icons depicting meats, sauces, cheeses, seafood and vegetables makes it easy to see what wine goes with what food. Two clicks and you're ready to eat.

Additional Features

The middle button is Wine Events. This is a link to the website Once you select your area, you can keep track of local wine events with the touch of one button. The Menu button has a Wine Tasting link that sends you to If you're not an expert, you'll learn what things to keep in mind while tasting. As an added bonus, the link has guide to wine terminology. What's meant when a wine is described as bold, complex, firm? What's tannin, soft, and finish mean? All your questions are answered from this link.

As with all Androids Future apps, you can express your thoughts or suggestions about the app directly to me. You can also let your friends know about your new app. Finally, there's a link to other Androids Future apps, some of which go perfectly with Wine Country.

Enjoy your new app and feel free to share what you think will make it better!

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