Friday, October 1, 2010

Museums In NYC - Finally Here!

As promised, the Museums In... series is continuing. And the latest out of the gate is Museums In NYC or for those who don't know what the initials are, Museums In New York City.

This app doesn't cover only Manhattan or Brooklyn. No, but it has museums and historic mansions from all 5 boroughs. That means you'll have access to over 80 different museums and mansions in the New York area. As with all Museums In... apps, you can list all entries, all free, all art, history and science museums.

But it doesn't stop there. You can also search by what's open on any day of the week. Getting married? Having an anniversary party? Company throwing an unveiling parting for a product? Open Museums In NYC (New York City), select Menu, Search for Rentals. You'll be presented with a list of all the museums in the database that allow rental of their facilities.

Android's Future goal isn't just to show you where museums are located. The first time you use it you'll see that everything you need is no more than 3 touches away. That's by design. If the museum has a phone number listed, just touch it. There's no need for you to remember the number. Have you decided on a particular place? Seeing it on a map is nice. Having it automatically open Google Navigation to route you from your present location is even better. And this is exactly what every Museums In... app does after touching the address.

If you are a serious museum goer, there's more information you need than simply address, hours and admission. You want to know what collections that museum is known for, any special events, membership and special parking instructions. Once again, as with every Museums In... app, after you select an item and scroll to the bottom of that screen, you'll see a line that says "Touch *HERE* for Collections, Events, Membership and Parking". This will take you directly to that museum's corresponding page. And because it's in a tab layout, navigating between the four of the tabs is easy.

Finally, don't forget to use the City Pass link off the Menu. It will take you to the City Pass website where you can purchase coupon books for museums in New York or any of the currently supported Museums In... apps. And of course, Museum Community will be here to help you discover museums you may never have known about. And it too is easily accessible off the Menu button within the app!

Museums In NYC is easy to obtain. For starters, it's FREE!!! Simply go to the Android Market, search for "Museums In" and you'll be directed to Museums In NYC as well as all the Museums In... apps by Android's Future.

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