Sunday, August 8, 2010

YOU! The Experience - Museum of Science & Industry

Up to now we've been focusing on adult oriented museums. So this week we're going to look at something for the kids. And let's face it: we're all kids at heart (some of us bigger kids than others). Besides, who says learning can't be fun?

If you agree, take a trip over to the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago. And don't forget to bring along the kids (or rent your nieces and nephews to *explain* why you're going). You'll learn things about yourself you never knew. Plus, much of the exhibit is interactive. So you (sorry - I mean the kids) will be entertained while they learn.

There's waaaay too much about this new exhibit to mention here. So let's make it easier. Open your Museums in Chicago app available from the link in the upper right-hand corner of this page or do a search for it on the Android Market. Select List Science and then choose Museum of Science & Industry. Scroll to the bottom of the page & click "Touch *HERE* for Collections, Events, Membership and Parking". After the page loads, look for the YOU! The Experience exhibit to get more information.

If you plan on visiting Atlanta, Boston, or Philadelphia (Philly), download the Museums In... for those cities. For discounts on admission to museums in any of those cities, don't forget to use the City Pass link accessible from the Menu button in the Museums In... app.

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