Sunday, August 1, 2010

"The Garden Chef" At Atlanta Botanical Gardens

If you're like me, you like to eat (ok, you LOVE to eat :-) . I even like watching other people cook. After all, someone's got to get the food to the table. But seriously, if you like cooking and want to give yourself and/or your family fresh alternatives to foods you already eat or experiment with new foods, then head on over to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Every Saturday and Sunday at noon and 1PM in the Edible Garden Outdoor Kitchen, you can be personally taught by The Garden Chef. And best of all, it's FREE with your admission to the Botanical Gardens!

"What will I learn to make?", you ask. Take a gander and see if these appeal to you:

  • Beet Tabbouleh with Yellow Leaf & Red Velvet Lettuce
  • Grilled Vegetable Gazpacho
  • Kale Quinoa Salad
  • Garden Greens with Beets & Goat Cheese
  • Veronica Cauliflower & Kale with Orzo
  • Pineapple Guava Mint Iced Tea
  • Roasted Beet & Yogurt Party Dip
  • Pineapple Walnut Coleslaw
  • Citrus Marinated Fennel Slaw
  • Caprese Picnic Salad
  • Walnut Feta Pesto
  • Tomato Cucumber Onion Salad
  • Grilled Watermelon Salsa
  • Basil Butter

Check out the live instruction in action:

I see you salivating already. If you live in the Atlanta area or are visiting anytime between now (Sunday August 1, 2010) and October 31, 2010, take one of these beautiful weekends and be taught by The Garden Chef.

Don't know how to get there? Open your Museums in Atlanta app. Don't have it? Use the link in the upper right-hand corner if you're viewing this page on an Android device. If not, just go to the Market on your Android phone and search for: "Museums in Atlanta". The app is FREE.

After you open Museums In Atlanta, touch the List Science link. Select Atlanta Botanical Gardens and touch the address. It will automatically open Google Navigation and take you to the front gate. All with one touch. It's that easy.

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