Sunday, August 29, 2010

McMullen Museum - A Not Cheap, Cheap Date

Hey folks! Times are tight. That doesn't mean that you can't take someone out on a cheap date. Not cheap as in "Baby, you can have anything you want as long as it's from the dollar menu". No. We mean cheap as in "inexpensive" (although one might make the same claim about the dollar menu).

If you live in or are visiting Boston, how can you impress your date without seeming like a tightwad? Why not take her to McMullen Museum at Boston College? Admission to the McMullen Museum is FREE! But how do you show that this isn't a dollar menu date?

Open up your Museums In Boston Android app. Don't have it? Go to the Android Market on your Android phone and do a search for "Museums In Boston" (the app is free too). After the install completes, open the app and select List Free. The first entry will be Boston College McMullen Museum of Art. Select this then scroll down to bottom of the page. Select the link: "Touch *HERE* for Collections, Events...". The second tab is the Events page. From here you can see what special is going on on the day you plan to vist.

If you plan to visit other cities (specifically Atlanta, Chicago or Philadelphia (Philly)), simply go to the Android market and search for "Museums In". The format is the same for each; so the learning curve is zero. If you like these apps or have an idea to make them better, drop me a line at

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